Welcome to AWLAUK

To the Angolan Women Leadership Association inUK Awlauk

Thanks for visiting AWLAUK website On line, here you will be able to learn more about our organisation and some of the important accomplishment. For example how can you be involved in our projects as well as what some of our long-term goals are.


AWLAUK will seek to expand the communication sector for a well driven organisation. We're dedicated to expanding our influence of women to effect positive change in our community and society; many thanks for the support we have received so far!


“… one woman can make a difference,

many women can make change”


Queen Nzinga Mbandi





  • To support and benefit women’s, children’s and families by the relief and promotion of our community in UK (Coventry), by rising the awareness of our community issues and the ability collectively respond with creative action that can achieve changes and increase the volume of challenges and choices.


  • To develop the personal capacity and skills; we will identify different ways, to help our community in terms of education and support women's to leverage power to attain specific goals, working within the system. 

    The association will implement a training package designed for women within our community, to get the confidence, to leadership skills and inspiration to act as positive role model, to become more pro-active and self independent, in such a way that they will be able to identify their potential and help to strengthen community relationship.


  • Using effective methods to understand and recognise the share of experience of our cultures to enable strategic actions and directions to develop a local community cohesion strategy, help to deliver a diversity recreational, leisure activities, day trips, walks, arts programme, workshops and any other activity that may benefit or contribute to our community for a strong, positive, flexible, responsible and effective part of community development.

  • Providing social support that can be seen evaluated and broadly planned to bring benefit for our community such as; advice on how to access employment website, training, social/health services, housing, translation and others main stream services available.

  • To have a well connection and strong community network with all public and private sectors as well as others organisations for share of ideas and exchange solution to address common goals and challenges.